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A Day in the Life of Hannah Maddocks...

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Apprenticeship: Customer Service     
Service centre:FLG Liverpool
Reporting Manager: Mike Brady

How did you come across your apprenticeship?

My dad works for A-Plant and he told me that the company was great to work for. He explained that I would be able to progress with the company like he has. I was interested in both customer service and plant hire, and I wanted to seek further opportunities in these areas.

What attracted you to the A-Plant Apprenticeship?

From an early age my dad worked for A-Plant and so I knew that it would be a great place to work. As I started getting older I began to realise how good A-Plant was as an employer. I liked the fact that A-Plant is such a big company with the chance to progress.

How have you found the whole experience?

I have found the experience challenging, but I believe this is a positive thing as it keeps me motivated to complete all of my tasks and goals. My main challenge is learning about the different types of equipment and what they are used for as I am comfortable with the customer service element of my apprenticeship. I have learnt a lot about lifting gear and the tools that we hire to customers in a short space of time and I am getting more and more confident. My mentor is always helping me to learn and teaches me lots of different skills from customer service skills to learning about equipment and lifting terminology.   

How would you like your career path to develop in the future?

I would like to finish my customer service apprenticeship and then become a hire controller. My ultimate goal is to become a manager with A-Plant.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start an apprenticeship?

I think that the apprenticeship scheme is a brilliant opportunity and is a great opportunity to start a career with a company that cares.  The wages are good as you get paid more than the apprentice minimum wage and I wish I had started the apprenticeship earlier as I am enjoying it so much.

How do you spend a typical day at A-Plant?

I arrive at 7.45 and make a cup of tea.
I then go through the paperwork created the night before and sort out the hires going out that day.
I then go through emails and voicemails that have been sent whilst the service centre was closed overnight (and on the weekend).
Throughout the day, my mentor helps me improve my product knowledge so I can be more confident with the customers.
I make sure that all the bookings are complete and the next day delivery contracts are completed and ready for the driver to start their deliveries in the morning.
During the day I answer the phone and deal with customer queries. 


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