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Fall Arrest Systems - Safety Equipment That Takes a Weight Off Your Mind!

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Working at height is one of the most high-risk activities in the construction industry. The Work at Height Regulations 2005 apply to all work at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause injury. If there is a risk of injury from falling, employers must put effective control measures in place to protect workers; in steps FLG Services!

Fall Arrest Systems by FLG Services

For many industries, including construction, industrial, retail and manufacturing, it is impossible to totally avoid working at height. Developing safe systems and having the right equipment to protect the workforce is therefore essential. Nothing is more important than ensuring all staff go home safely at the end of the day. Just like here at FLG Services, we know that all reputable companies now have the same safety first ethos and it is our aim to help you find the optimum Fall Arrest System for the task you are completing.

Fall Arrest Systems by FLG Services

What is a Fall Arrest System?

Fall Arrest systems are used to reduce the fall distance for the individual working at height. Working to the same principals as a car seat belt, the retractable lanyard will lock in the event of a fall to stop the operative falling far. Of course, with a reduction in fall distance comes a reduction in injury and also a higher chance of a quick and easy rescue. Central to ensuring fall protection is the fail safe locking mechanism which provides additional peace of mind for the worker. Available up to 30 meters, the Fall Arrest Systems come with various weighted anchor options), including anchors that can be moved between locations to provide practical solutions if covering a large work area. Fall Arrest Systems are lightweight and easy to wear whilst still moving about, they won’t hinder and restrict the operative during their task.

Is a Fall Arrest System different to a Fall Restraint?

A Fall Arrest System is different to Fall Restraint. Fall Restraint prevents a person from physically reaching zones where a fall may be possible. The person is anchored to a holding device which restricts where they can go and so prevents the chance of falling. By its nature, a Fall Restraint System is more limiting than a Fall Arrest System and so not always appropriate for certain types of work.

Fall Arrest Systems by FLG Services

What complementary Safety Equipment is needed with a Fall Arrest System?

When you hire a Fall Arrest System from FLG Services, we will provide everything you need to get you up and running straight away. We will advise on the following products as part of your system:

Safety Lanyards: FLG Services supply a huge range of safety lanyards to be used as part of a Fall Arrest System, which are designed to be attached to an anchor point and prevent an individual from falling. There are two distinct types of lanyards:

  • Restraint Lanyards: Available in various lengths, the restraint lanyard will hold the worker in position to prevent a fall.
  • Shock Absorber Lanyards: Designed for working more than 6 feet above the ground, the shock absorbing lanyard has a built-in woven inner core that expands during the fall to ensure that the force is significantly reduced.

Safety Harness: Safety Harnesses are designed to hold and protect the user’s body and they connect to the safety lanyards and the various Fall Arrest Systems. The type of harness required depends on the task that is being carried out and the FLG Services team will be able to advise on which harness is suitable for your needs. It is vitally important the right harness is selected for the application and the FLG Services team will be able to advise on which types are suitable depending on type of work, weight of user, and the work location. An incorrectly fitted harness can cause injury to the user and so our team will provide advice to ensure it is worn correctly and is effective.

Fall Arrest Systems by FLG Services

Why Hire a Fall Arrest System from FLG Services?

Safety equipment is used to keep workers safe, and so the quality and reliability of the equipment is essential. Hiring equipment rather than purchasing your own removes the personal responsibility to undertake the critical safety checks and maintenance regime required by law. A key factor which allows us to provide confidence to our customers is the high levels of safety checks we undertake for each and every piece of equipment. We operate an asset management system and every piece of equipment has a unique asset number. At the end of every hire it is checked and tested to ensure it meets the required quality and safety standards. It is only allowed back into the hire fleet once it is confirmed as being fit for purpose. You will be provided with certification to demonstrate that the equipment is compliant with regulations.

FLG Services also regularly invest in new equipment to replace our fleet, meaning we can provide our customers with the youngest fleet in the industry, with excellent levels of availability.

Hiring fall arrest and safety equipment from FLG Services gives you absolute peace of mind that the equipment you provide to your team if the best available. By hiring this equipment, you can be assured that you are working in line with HSE guidelines and you will also benefit from our experienced team to provide advice and answer concerns throughout the hire period.

Fall Arrest Systems by FLG Services

How to Hire from FLG Services

To hire a Fall Arrest System from FLG Services, you can visit one of the 19 dedicated FLG Service Centres located across the UK and leave a deposit relative to the equipment value, or alternatively you can set up a credit account. This is a simple process that can be completed over the phone or in a service centre location. You will need to provide references and confirmation of insurances and then your credit account can be approved and activated within 24 to 48 hours! Once your account is set up, you can also access the thousands of other products available to hire from across the specialist A-Plant divisions.

To complement our extensive range of safety equipment, you can also access the full range of customer training courses through our dedicated A-Plant Customer Training division. Courses include Harness and Fall Arrest Training and Working at Height, including a full range of IPAF and PASMA courses. Mention your training requirements to our team for further information or contact A-Plant Customer Training here.


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