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Spotlight on the Elebia Auto Hook

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At FLG Services, our primary objectives include minimising risks, enhancing safety and increasing productivity in lifting operations. One of the latest additions to our fleet - the Elebia Auto Hook - delivers on all three counts.

  • Elebia Auto Hook - FLG Services
  • Elebia Auto Hook - FLG Services
  • Elebia Auto Hook - FLG Services
  • Elebia Auto Hook - FLG Services

The Elebia Auto Hook is a state-of-the-art, remote controlled hook that allows loads to be remotely attached and released with absolutely no handling. With a failsafe design, it is physically impossible to drop the load during manoeuvring operations as the suspended load won’t drop even if the battery or power fails. Not only does this offer huge Health and Safety benefits, there are associated productivity benefits. In fact, time savings of up to 50% can be made whilst loading and unloading.

How does the Elebia Auto Hook Work?

With ultra simple installation, the automatic safety hook lifts and releases the load remotely. The remote hook generates a magnetic field that attracts and orients the sling or rigging gear. The operator then presses the close button on the remote control to automatically close the hook, without any manual intervention, operating remotely from a safe distance. A sensor in the magnet indicates when the ring or sling is in position and all this information is recorded in the eMAX remote control. The Elebia Auto Hook works with cable slings, chain slings, master links, textile slings and more. With various models from 5 to 20 ton capacity available to hire or purchase from FLG Services locations nationwide, the Elebia Auto Hook allows you to hook on and release any load remotely.

The Safety Benefits

The Elebia Auto Hook significantly enhances site safety and the risk of injury is drastically reduced. Work at height is potentially dangerous but with the Elebia Auto Hook, there is no need for working at altitude. Operatives are kept away from the areas of risk to attach or de-rig the load, thus eliminating the risk of possible hand injuries such as cuts or crushing, as there is no need to manipulate slings or other lifting accessories.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

With time savings of up to 50%, lifting operations become much more efficient and less time is invested in loading and unloading. As the Elebia Auto Hook is motorised, it reduces the need for personnel and there are no costs associated with the use of additional machinery such as forklift trucks. The Elebia Auto Hook incorporates a high capacity battery to improve efficiency and minimise energy consumption of the automatic hook. The battery is fully charged in just three hours, with battery life of 250 hours in standby mode. A three hour charge equates to an impressive week’s worth of power. A new gear motor allows operatives to release up to 20kg.

We firmly believe that the Elebia Auto Hook is the automatic safety hook of the future.

Further information is also available by e-mailing us or by calling 0370 330 6022.


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