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FLG Services is delighted to be the first UK supplier of the HoistCam which is available now to buy or hire from our network of service centres.

So what is the HoistCam?

It is a rapidly deployable wireless camera system that places the eyes of the crane operator anywhere on the job.

From cranes to heavy equipment, the HoistCam substantially improves worksite safety and employee productivity, whilst increasing operational efficiency by eliminating blind spots and “around the corner” operator views.

The HoistCam installs in seconds by quickly attaching anywhere with magnets and safety lanyard (which is included). Up to eight cameras can be installed on a single crane, hook block, boom tip, rear of crane etc. The cameras come in various configurations including quickly adjustable neck (HC160 series), armoured dome (HC180 series) and ignition protection rated (HC170 series).  There is a HoistCam platform available to address virtually any industry or equipment.

The HoistCam platform suite provides optional remote monitoring, recording and management analytics reporting to operators and site supervisors.

What is the HoistCam Director?

The HoistCam Director enables centralised monitoring for the job site via the HoistCam, other cameras and even drones. The user can view all work sites from a single application.

The HoistCam Director enterprise software allows off-site managers and supervisors the ability to monitor operations in real time from a desktop or mobile device.

As well as providing the crane operator a real time video feed of blind lifts, all video can be recorded to an integral mobile digital video recorder and archived for future reference in the events of mishaps or insurance claims.

See the HoistCam in operation at

At a fraction of the cost of existing systems and installed in much less time, the HoistCam is an exciting prospect for those interested in using a crane camera.

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