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Working for FLG Services as a Sales Executive

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Name: Nicola Champ

Job Title: Sales Executive

Service Centre: Midlands and South West

How long have you work in the industry?
I have been working in the lifting industry for the last 10 years.

Tell us about your experience of working in this industry and FLG Services?
In my previous job I worked for a manufacturer of lifting equipment, but it was working within a family run business. A-Plant and its divisions are totally different, we are a large company with a large team of people for different areas of the business. I feel that working for a specialist division, FLG Services in A-Plant, I am a valued and respected member of the team, we all work together and customers benefit from this.

I have found that my confidence as a sales executive has grown since working for FLG Services and I have had many opportunities to prove myself. When I became a sales executive for FLG Services, my first area was to look after our West Midlands service centre which then progressed into new areas. I now look after new centres that have been opened within the division. This has really helped my career and knowledge grow, and has meant I have a bigger team to work with.

Within FLG Services and A-Plant, I've found that they give their employees a lot of support, help and training on all products where required, but most importantly they install all their employees with trust. I've always been told that 'people buy from people' and that you need to be able to believe in the company you work for, and I 100% believe that A-Plant is the leading company in the industry.

The most important key is that you can be yourself, get to know clients and build good relationships with both colleagues and customers.

Would you recommend a career in our industry and, if so, what advice would you give especially being in a male dominated industry?
I would recommend any woman to work in this industry as it has a great opportunity. The construction industry is male dominated but, as women, we are accepted on to sites and we are listened to as we are providing the client with equipment that will make their job a lot easier and quicker to do.

I think as long as you are willing to learn about your products and business there is no reason why women shouldn’t try and do this job. My working day is always talking to male members of staff and most of the time talking to male customers, but that doesn’t put me off as my team support and help me work out new challenges and help me to progress in my career; but also the male customers I deal with don’t treat me any differently to how they treat the male sales executives. 

The sites and clients will put their trust into you and will have confidence in you as a person, as long as we as women have confidence in ourselves, and that I feel is the key to women working in this industry. You have to believe in yourself.


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