Breedon Hope Cement Works, Derbyshire

Customer Name

Steve Foster Cranes

Project Location

Hope Valley, Derbyshire


Over £10,000


2 Days

Breedon’s Hope Cement Works is the UK’s largest cement manufacturing plant, having been in operation for more than 90 years. Located in the Peak District, Hope Cement Works accounts for around 15% of UK cement production, currently running at almost 10 million tonnes per annum.

Steve Foster Cranes supplied a crane to help lift a Section of the Cement kiln at the plant, but other specialist lifting equipment was needed to ensure that it was safely attached and that the lift was safely completed without any potential damage to the expensive kiln equipment. The kiln is used for the manufacture of Cement at the works.

breedon hope cement works case study

The Challenge

This was a very challenging lift as space was extremely tight. In fact there was only a 900mm height threshold when lifting the kiln. It was therefore crucial that the Wire Rope Slings, Beams and Shackles were supplied to the exact requirements needed, to allow the crane lift to be carried out to the precise measurements required. 

The Solution

Nicola Champ, Regional Account Manager at FLG Services, worked with the client to ensure provision of a range of specialist equipment to allow the heavy crane lift to proceed. This comprised two Modular Beams, 10 Bow Shackles ranging from 55 tonne - 85 tonne and eight Wire Rope Slings ranging from 50 tonne - 75 tonne and from 4m - 15m in length.

FLG’s Burton depot liaised with the company’s suppliers to ensure that the Wire Rope Slings were manufactured to the exact tonnage and length required for the lift and that the Bow Shackles fed through the eyes of the Wire Rope Slings. The Modular Beams were supplied fully dressed, complete with shackles, to Steve Foster Cranes.

The Results

The lifting equipment supplied by FLG Services ensured that the heavy crane lift was carried out safely, efficiently and in the timeframe required. The equipment was delivered to Steve Foster Cranes on the Wednesday and built up the following day to allow the lift to proceed on the Friday.