Car Park Drainage Lift, Cheshire

MGA Cranes were commissioned by Foxhall Construction to lift a fully assembled drainage system into a car park in Tarporley, Cheshire, and lower and manoeuvre it into position. MGA Cranes supplied a crane to help lift the drainage system, but other specialist lifting equipment was needed to ensure that it was safely attached and that the lift was completed safely without any damage to the expensive drainage system.

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  • FLG Modular Lifting Beam Car Park Tarporley Cheshire

Customer Name

MGA Cranes

Project Location

Tarporley, Cheshire


1 Day

Products Used

Spreader Beams, 10 tonne Webbing Slings, 10 tonne EWL Slings, Wire Rope Slings and 12 x Bow Shackles from 12 tonne - 85 tonne

The Challenge

This was, without question, a very challenging lifting project, largely due to the physical length of the drainage system which was 16 metres long and a very awkward shape. MGA Cranes looked to FLG Services to recommend what specialist lifting equipment could be used to attach to the drainage system and successfully complete the lift. Potential problems included a sagging effect in the middle of the drainage system during the lift, due to the physical size and shape of it.

The Solution

FLG Services recommended the use of a variation of Modular Beams set up in a H frame configuration to safely lift the drainage system and lower it into position. FLG Services could provide a total one-stop solution and provided three Spreader Beams of various sizes, four 10 tonne 12 metre Webbing Slings, two 10 tonne 15 metre EWL Slings, four 6 metre Wire Rope Slings and a total of 12 Bow Shackles from 12 tonne - 85 tonne.

The Results

The lift was successfully completed on the day concerned within the required timeframe. MGA Cranes were delighted with the quality of the lifting equipment provided on the day and the expertise offered by FLG Services both leading up to the lift and on the day of the lift itself.

“The lift ran to plan with absolutely no complications and within the planned timescale. We were very pleased with the quality of the lifting equipment provided by FLG Services and with the site support offered on the day. This was a complex lift but all ran very smoothly.”

Gary Jamieson, MGA Cranes