Leadenhall Building ‘The Cheesegrater’

FLG Services was asked to develop an Access and Handling System to facilitate façade installation.

Customer Name

Laing O’Rourke

Project Location

Leadenhall Street London

The Challenge

The system was required to be moved on a regular basis and this needed to be quick, easy and safe. The system also needed to be incredibly robust as the site was working seven days a week, 24 hours a day and an "out of service" condition would prove incredibly expensive.

The Solution

FLG Services designed and installed a ‘Click & Play’ solution that integrated with the main structure of the building allowing us to install 24 access towers and a monorail system. The entire system was then able to be removed, re-installed and re-commissioned over three night shifts as the incredibly tight schedule dictated. The system was named ‘Cerberus’.

The Results

Laing O’Rourke was very impressed with our solution and since this contract we have gone on to do several other projects with them, although none quite as challenging as ‘The Cheesegrater’ The success of the project has actually been recognised in a Channel 5 documentary and our system ‘Cerberus’ was quite a significant part of the programme.

I have worked with FLG Services on numerous projects but specifically on the Leadenhall project. I have been in the industry 27 years and have extensive knowledge on façade installation and access methods, but time to time we can all get stumped as to how to make things happen, this is when I call FLG. We arrange to meet, discuss the issue and draw up a concept of how to overcome the issue, a small period later I have the kit fully engineered and tested on site. I would say I have never worked with a more proactive company than FLG Services.

Phil Sedge – Former Façade Installation Manager on Leadenhall Building project Facades Operations Director (Mace)
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