Project Halo HSBC Building

FLG Services was asked to assist in the design, fabrication, installation and ultimate dismantling of a Travelling Access System (TAPS) which was to be located at the top of the HSBC building in Canary Wharf, London, E14.


Mace Group Ltd


Canary Wharf, London

The Challenge

The TAPS was to facilitate the re-glaze and changing of the sign located at the very top of the HSBC Building. The system would need to be lifted in five sections from the roof of the atrium, some 170m to the ‘Halo’ of the building, and then connected into the building on pre-installed tracks to then enable the 30t structure to travel around the building's parameter, giving access to a workforce working three metres outside of the building's envelope.

The Solution

FLG Services designed a crane that was able to lift the TAPS from the atrium roof to the required level of install. With the assistance of FLG’s design team, the TAPS was able to give access to a workforce over five levels, enabling façade installation to take place. The entire 30t system was powered around the entire parameter of the building until the works were complete. Upon completion the 30t structure was successfully lowered to the atrium roof.

The Results

Project Halo was successfully completed over an 18 month period. The system was working 24 hours a day without any reportable issues.

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