FLG Services - Glasgow

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FLG Services, a division of A-Plant, are a leading lifting equipment provider in the hire and sale of hoisting, hauling, jacking and material handling equipment.

Our service centre in Glasgow is ideally located for customers requiring lifting equipment in Glasgow and across the west of Scotland.

Our equipment includes;

  •          Block grabs
  •          Bumpa & Hoddi hoists
  •          Chain blocks
  •          Clamps
  •          Fall arrestors
  •          Gantries
  •          Jacks
  •          Lanyards
  •          Lifting beams
  •          Pallet trucks
  •          Rescue winches
  •          Safety harnesses
  •          Shackles
  •          Skates
  •          Slings
  •          Tirfor machines
  •          Vacuum lifters
  •          Winches

Our service

We invest in the very latest and safest equipment available from leading lifting gear manufacturers.

Our technicians ensure equipment arrives on-site, certified and ready for action and our team of experts can also inspect, repair and test customers own equipment.


Contact FLG Services today to see how we can assist you with your lifting and safety requirements.